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Wu Wei Gung Fu was created by Joseph Cowles, an original student of JKD founder Bruce Lee.  Just as JKD was the street
mixed martial art of the 1960's, Wu Wei followed suit with the same philosophy in the 1970's.  Wu Wei, an ever evolving art,
is now a combination of Wing Chun, Kali, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, and Thai Kickboxing.  Our goal is to utilize Wu Wei principles to teach practical self-defense against all four ranges of fighting: kicking, boxing, trapping, and grappling.


The organization founded by world renowned martial artist Paul Vunak in the mid 1980's centers around Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and Kali. Bruce Lee's JKD serves as the foundation for PFS which has evolved to include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Thai Boxing.  PFS is an extremely effective street fighting system that includes components for both self preservation and self perfection within a mixed martial art matrix. PFS has been utilized by the US Navy SEALs, DEA, CIA, FBI, and countless police agencies throughout the USA.


Kali or Escrima is a weapons-based, but ultimately very effective empty hand, Filapino Martial Art.  Stick and knife training lays the foundation for progression to the more functional elements of the empty hand art.  Students are taught principles to survive
attack from single and/or multiple opponents that may possess weapons such as knives, bats, mag flashlights, crowbars etc.
Moviegoers have witnessed Kali in Hollywood action movies such as The Bourne Films, 300, and The Book of Eli.


Paul Vunak's system, as taught to Navy SEAL Team 6, is an effective program to quickly neutralize an attacker. Our studies focus on the three phases of an engagement necessary to stop an aggressor: entry, pressure, & termination. Functional JKD and Kina Mutai, the Filapino Art of Biting and Eye Gouging, help to equalize differences in size and strength between attacker and victim. The student is taught to survive being taken to the ground, a common component of most fights.


Our Law Enforcement Programs cover every level of the Force Continuum. Level I attacks through life and death Level III attacks are presented in systematic, cut to the chase fashion. Our Contemporary Jeet Kune Do and Filthy MMA Curriculum is modified to fit the need of Law Enforcement, covering such topics as: Escort Techniques, Edged Weapons Defense, Take Downs, Ground Fighting, Aggressive Attack Defense, Mass Attack, and more.

We provide Law Enforcement seminars in a group setting or will train Military, Law Enforcement, or Security Personnel on a one-on-one basis.


The Escape To Gain Safety course is designed for women of all ages who desire to learn self-defense awareness. This program teaches women defense concepts to keep them on their feet and quickly retreat back to safety in the event of an assault. Emphasis is placed on attacking vulnerable points on the assailant such as the Eyes, Throat, Groin and Shins.

KIDS MMA Program

Any successful Kids Martial Arts Program must contain three important elements: excellent leadership, a safe environment, and fun-filled classes. Young children can benefit from martial arts in the area of confidence, self-esteem, coordination, stress reduction, anger control, discipline, and yes, self-defense. It is more important to empower them with "how not to fight" then it is "how to fight." We provide a safe, fun environment for children ages 6 to 13 to explore martial arts as well as educate them on life's lessons they can apply to everyday situations.



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